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Thank you for visiting. Feel free to share stories with social media, participate in forums as well as submit your own story. I have been fascinated with sleep paralysis for years even before I knew what the official term for it was. One of my first memories is, as a toddler, frozen in my bed and seeing horrific things all around me.

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Robert, Houston, Texas

Felt like I was helpless

So far this has happened to me twice, sleep paralysis, and it is the scariest thing I have ever felt. I am going to start keeping a log of it, and here’s the first one. I will update as more occur . . .

Sleep Paralysis (1):

3/17/2016: Tonight was my second sleep paralysis experience, I still can’t remember my first one but I know it happened. In this second paralysis, I heard rustling in my kitchen. I was extremely afraid, extremely. I felt a coldness run down my spine more than three times, and out of nowhere I heard what sounded like 1,000 utensils being dropped in my kitchen. It was insane, I then heard screams or something of the sorts. This was when I knew I was in trouble, I tried moving but I couldn’t do anything. I felt the blood running into my head, my eyes were open but I was on my stomach. From the stories I’ve heard, I’m happy I wasn’t on my back or side, or else I would have seen figures and things of the sorts. Back to what happened; I heard my door open. At this point I felt my heart sinking and beating extremely hard, I tried yelling to talking but nothing came out. I felt like I was about to be murdered, killed and could not stop it. All of the sudden, in the most fear I’ve ever been in, I was able to move my hips and break out of the paralysis. This lasted nearly 10 minutes altogether. Am I special? Do I see things and feel things others don’t? Why… why does this happen? What is the cause? Do I need more sleep? Sometimes the scariest things aren’t reality, and what is scarier is in the middle of reality and dreams.

A helping hand

I get sleep paralysis quite a lot, but you don’t get used to it. It’s just intense pressure holding you down – I can’t speak. I can usually see the shadow of a dark figure out of the corner of my eye, but I can’t turn my head to look at it – that’s pretty terrifying.
Luckily for me my partner is now used to this and we have a code – I start breathing really quickly and loudly and if he notices that then he helps snap me out of it.

Visiting my parents and it happend.

I was home visiting my parents with my husband, sleeping in my bed I had always slept in as a kid. I woke up looking at this big black object ducking its head to get into my bedroom door I looked up at it really scared. This black figure then walked over to me sat on my chest the weight of it made the bed sink i was paralyzed with out being able to move anything nor make any sound. After it sat on me for a while it got up and put the room exactly like it was i watched it leave as as it closed my bedroom door which was not closed all the way he put it back exactly the same way without fidgeting with it first shot everything was the same but once that door had closed and he was gone i was not scared any more i turned over and went to sleep. First thing the next morning I saw my mom and I said to her mom,mom this big black thing came into my room last night and I started to explain to her what happened and she stopped me and said sunny it came into were i was sleeping which was in my brothers room at the time who didn’t either live at home. She said i jumped out of bed and attacked it I tore it apart she said and it was tar and feathers dripping from my nails she said. My mom said it was so messy she said i killed it. so how can this be sleep paralysis.